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Strategic partner

I have over 25 years of experience in assisting and advising companies, institutions and private persons in legal and strategic matters.

My job is not just adding legal knowledge and experience. As a strategic partner I contribute to the vision, goals and development of my client. This means being a trusted advisor, coach and negotiator with a scope that goes far beyond legal issues.

Because my clients value their relationships, commercial interests and peace op mind, I prefer helping them to find solutions beyond conflict and expensive litigation. But there are moments that firm action must be taken. Sometimes a battle has te be fought … and won!

Who is standing next to you in difficult times?

A legal conflict can bring a lot of unrest. Tensions can easily rise, especially if the stakes are high! In such times I will stand next to you. Not only as a legal expert, but also as a trusted sparring partner, strategist and problem solver. My job is to bring clarity and to find a course to end the crisis. And that often means: to enter into a confrontation. This requires great skills and wisdom from my side and great confidence from my client. I realize that very well.

Main focus areas

The main focus of my services is in the following areas:

  • Company issues (issues relating to shareholders, directors, management, takeovers, joint ventures, partnerships, etc.)

  • Personnel issues (expats, employment contracts and conditions, acceptance and dismissal, reorganization, competition clauses, etc.)

  • Trade issues (entering into and terminating contracts, general terms and conditions, breach of contract, liability, debt collection, bankruptcy etc.)

  • Real estate and construction issues (renting, project development, construction, building permits)

  • Your intellectual property (brands, trade names, models, copyright)

  • Your transformation (strategic coaching in change processes, strengthening your organization, identity, unity, focus, culture, well-being, conflict management and ethics.)


Please feel free to contact me via hulsbergen@hpadvocaten.nl.